Here’s to six more months..!

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Well, I can say happily that tonight was a success. Are we still married? Hell yes! Am I happy? Right now I really really am yes 🙂

I wore my favorite dress, (which he has never seen before), I bought him flowers and a card and candy. We took a cab to the restaurant he booked for us, a really nice fancy place. We had talked about our little nighttime sexytime failure argument after my class, and he apologized for having used “threatening” terms, such as ‘I thought I married an adult” And ‘What have I gotten into?’ and that he was sorry for having upset me. I apologized for overreacting, for acting immature, and for handling things badly. Basically, we sorted it out. And He did mention that I had indeed used similar “threatening” terms myself, when I have been angry, most recently during our Jealousy Silent war argument. This was good feedback, now I know how it feels to hear that, I am going to stop and think before I utter such words.

After our nice date we ventured home, after a long rather painful walk in heels and both feeling hot in the humid weather and super stuffed after all the food, I had encouraged him to sweep me right off to the bedroom for some nice sexy time – RIGHT away, as I was wearing MATCHING lingerie which I don’t do too often. We goofed it up the first round, I begged him to start again, and then we got it right! And we ended up playing this weird Milkman sex game and just having the best sex that we’ve had in a looong time, (from behind). I looked good in my lacy lingerie, and he looked so good in his ripped body, ahhh He’s so hot, and he made sure to please me to the T. It was perfect. And now we are eating ice cream.

Lucky me. Thanks SO much for the support!!! The comments, the likes, it makes me feel like I’m not entierly insane,  (althoug it might be insane to think that..) like I have someone understanding me, at least a little… Thank you!!! Xxx LW


Nighttime sexytime failure – update

Today is our 6 month wedding anniversary, and we are celebrating later. We’ve both been busy, but he is off for the rest of the day, and I am going to a class in 15 min. Then I am off too. I already know what t wear. My red laced dress, and he has booked a table at a fancy restaurant.

But i have a big lump in my belly as things seem to have taken a serious turn. He is concerned about last nights events. I overreacted. I walked out of the apartment to get some air crying, and as he told me t come back, I called him a dick. That is not adult behavior. And in his words, he thought he married an adult. And if this happens over and over, he will start thinking; what did i get myself into? He wants me to bring it up with the counselor. I am a bit flustered, as he used those words that feel pretty threatening to me, not to mention angry that he would say those things, as if he always acts like a grown up. I have numerous examples… I don’t know what to do. Now I have to go. Wish me luck..?

What happened to Sunday Funday..?

We used to have ‘Sunday Funday’ together, where we would sleep in, do something in the day, buy dinner and snacks and shack up for the night and watch movies, or go to the cinema. Then I was cast in a play, and I had matinee performances on Sunday, and football came.

So my husband would get up at 7 in the morning, because we live in a place where that’s when the games begin, and I would sleep and get up at ten or eleven to get ready and cycle to the theater to do a show. Then I cycle home, games are all over, and my husband is sleeping. The first time it happened, he slept ALL. FUCKING. DAY. And NIGHT. And he had school the next morning at noon. So no date night, no time together, no nothing. We argued and eventually agreed about it, and the next weekend,

He got up at 7, I left at 12, I came back, and he had a nap, and then we spent the evening together, chilling, watching movies eating, how lovely. I am supportive of him having a good Football sunday, eating pizza, chilling out, then having a nap. AS LONG AS HE GETS UP AGAIN.

Then today. He got up at 7, I left at 12. My friends and cast members want to do a get together at one of their houses, a BBQ, a fun hangout, and both my husband and I are invited. I text him a few times, and suspect he is already sleeping. Then I text again saying ‘ Can we pleeeease go to ***’s house later tonight, it’ll be so much fun!’ then all I get an hour later when I am cycling home, ‘I am napping now babe.. Zzz..’ and ‘And I don’t really want to.. sorry’

Sitting on the couch again, watching him sleep again, – OF COURSE, I’m not that kind of woman that doesn’t go out because of it, I will, and I will make it fun. But our time together is kind of limited and I want to spend time with him, and I am frustrated and annoyed, and I want to strangle him. I might ask him what his ideal night would be tonight before I leave, and before I continue being pissed off. And I might need to cut him some slack. But fucks sake.

TELL ME, Am I being a dick?