What is your favorite Christmas song..?

Dear Friends, Romans, Countrymen,
What are your favorite Christmas songs? If you could chose ONE, at the very least two?

Much love from The Lively Wife. Xxx


Our little place, a lot of Love!

Are we still married…?

HELLS YES! Things are going really well in our little household of two. ❤Photo on 02-12-2014 at 02.48 #2

Its funny how when I am REALLY happy, how often I give him a treat. Today we initiated December by buying a teeny tiny Christmas tree,🎄 stockings, decorations and fun stuff to decorate the house. I had made a playlist which we played and I had bought cinnamon oil to put in our candle oil-burner, so the house smelled sooo Christmassy as we were writing cards for our families. For the first time signing our names together, as a married couple. How neat is that..? 🎁

The day was interrupted sometimes with Santa’s helper being a naughty girl and Santa having to have a serious talk with her, 🎅 and Santa’s helper getting her big Christmas wish fulfilled a little early, – sucking on a big candy cane. 🍭 So yeah, there was a lot of sex, and nice treats for my man, for the past few days things have gotten better. And I take it down to us working on our foreplay, and him doing more for me. Although we’re not really doing as much foreplay as we should, STILL being too impatient, I feel like he is more aware and trying MUCH harder. To initiate pleasing ME. And we are so merry at the moment that things are just gliiiiiding so smoothly.

I am so lucky! Here’s to december, and all the days of Christmas preparations ahead!

empty pillbox

Since I moved here I have been taken my medication for my hypothyroidism that I brought from home. I finished the box a few months ago, and my mother sent me another from my last prescription from back home. I finished that box just over two weeks ago, and totally forgot about up until Friday, where I realized that I had been so tired all week. I can’t believe that I have been so irresponsible.

I have felt so heavy, sleepy, yet not really slept well. I have been so tired, and struggling through the days, skipping the gym, and when I went to the gym I only managed 20 min of cardio instead of my regular 40. My husband is constantly asking me if I am okay, as I apparently seem a little down. I have been distant, and disorganized, I’ll plan things ahead before going to work, or interviews or doing whatever task lies ahead, and then I seem to mess it up somehow. I forget things.

I know this sounds silly, but it saddens me that I need medication to function normally. It’s not a big deal and I am so lucky! I am so lucky that it’s only that. Nothing else, I just have to take ONE pill every day for the rest of my life, and yet I managed to mess that up. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. I am lucky that I am healthy, it’s just a little depressing. The same sad feeling I get when I take off my contacts at night and realize that without them I am BLIND. I guess it’s the feeling of not being in total control of myself. I love the fact that I make good choices, that I plan ahead, am organized despite my scatty and artistic nature, that I am always on time, and that I am getting into better shape. I don’t drink or smoke, and I don’t do drugs, I don’t want anything interfering with my brain. As I have dealt with all things good and bad, myself, with my own strong mind. Death, sickness, love, friendship, family feuds, failure, poverty. And now, that I don’t have this pill, although things are great and I am trying to be as structured and self-disciplined as usual… It’s harder.

Well, a week from now, I’ll have my pillbox full of my little helping pill, and I’ll be back to the focused, energized self!