Nighttime sexytime failure

What a negative headline, you may think, and at the end of the post you may think that I Am indeed looking at the negative rather than all the positives. It has been a successful funday Sunday. And like a stupid joke, as the clock strikes twelve and Sunday turns to Monday, my luck turns too.

Are we still married? Yeah.

After a successful matinee show, having struggled through the whole play being sleepy and unfocused, I rejected my theater friends’ Sunday-traditional outing, wanting to go home, to rest and spend time with my husband. We immediately went grocery shopping, got dinner, watched our favorite shows and had a short but sweet sex session, before we pigged out some more with ice cream until we barely could move. The Sex, was good, but very very short, my husband tried to tease me for a little while which does indeed help me, it makes me wetter and it makes the first few minutes less painful. But I had an inkling that I wouldn’t get much out of it while we started as we were both in a lazy mood so I got my vibrator and had a nice quick orgasm while we were making out and I watched him touch himself. We then did a little bit of one of our fantasies, him being a young student and me his teacher, and yeah he played his role well as he came after a MINUTE. He wasn’t really holding back as I’m assuming he thought it was okay to cum early since I had already had my fix. He was a little embarrassed however and his teacher comforted him by saying; “That’s normal for young boys.. not to worry. And the good news is, your big cock will be ready to go again later..” And we snuggled and watched tv.

He fell asleep, and I was watching a movie, reading some blogs, then I got horny and thought I’d sneak over to his bed and wake him up pleasantly being naked and luring him into having sex with me. I’ve attempted this before ( four months ago) and it didn’t end very well. He was so sleepy and got grumpy and rejected me pretty harshly, andΒ  I took it pretty badly. We have discussed it many times, and he insists that that wont happen again, and there is NO way he would reject me if he woke up with me blowing him in the middle of the night. And GOD knows how many times he has woken ME up when I was sleeping or Just about to sleep. But my attempt tonight AGAIN… failed. Miserably.

I started stroking him and he woke up, moved away and said I was so hot. I got a little upset but tried not to take it too seriously as he had insisted before that it would work. I try again, kissing hm and stroking, he turned around and made a grunt, ad I said “don’t you wanna cuddle?” and he replied; “No, Let me sleep.” And rolled over. I moved back over to the futon. After I had cried for a while, he asked is I was okay. I didn’t answer. He said it was nothing personal, and that he thought we should sleep as we have to get up early tomorrow. Yeah.. I have to get up at 6:30 and he has to get up at 11. And here I am. Quarter past one, writing.. while he is sleeping away.


16 thoughts on “Nighttime sexytime failure

  1. 😦
    I know you’re doing counseling, and will hopefully talk about it.
    I know that for me, being turned down when I was horny was always a big blow to my self-esteem. Is it OK for me to want sex? Is it Ok for me to feel satisfied sexually?
    I gave up on it pretty soon. Whatever happens, make sure he knows how important it is for you to feel satisfied and validated in your desires and pleasure. Don’t ever give up on them. You’ll only become repressed, depressed and angry. At least it’s been my experience.
    Maybe your husband didn’t understand that an orgasm isn’t all there is to sex for a woman? Or for a man… that it’s possible to want more than one orgasm, or simply to enjoy the journey at least as much as the destination.
    Well, I really hope for you you manage to talk about this so that it doesn’t happen too often and you don’t feel left out.
    Big hug for tonight. Try some yoga for relaxation. Or a good, nice orgasm that takes its time coming…
    Hope your night was good.

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    • Thank you Dawn, I know. I do have to express it, and I do remind him now and then when he forgets, that HELLO, Things aren’t exactly fair here always! I give you blow jobs here and there, and almost every time before sex. And the same thing can not be said about him going down on me.. But he is getting better! And he insists on loving it. Anyway, I will talk with him about it today.
      Ps. ended up having fun with my vibrator πŸ˜‰

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  2. I never really agreed with the whole “you sleep in another room” crap. It’s fucked up! I don’t know how old he is, but you don’t sound quite that young. I mean the fantasies and games are normal at any age and it sounds like he can be a “dick”. Who can’t? It learning to live with another person and putting their feelings before yours. Sounds like you’re on your way. Enjoy the ride.

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